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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I hold a Tier 4 Visa – do I have to attend for the Student Census?

If you are an International Student and you hold a Tier 4 Visa for your studies, you will be required to attend for the International Student Census at regular points throughout each academic year.

During 2018-19, you will be required to attend for the Census as per the following schedule (please note that these dates may be subject to change):

24 September 2018 - 5 October 2018 (new 1st year students do not need to attend at this census point)

14 January 2019 - 25 January 2019

15 May 2019 - 5 June 2019

15 July 2019 - 26 July 2019

The importance of attending at these census points cannot be overemphasised, and it is your responsibility to attend within the period.  The Doctoral Programmes Office will contact you before each census period commences to explain what you need to do.

If you are unable to attend during the period, you MUST contact your administrator straight away to explain your reasons why you cannot attend, confirm your current location and address, and state when you will be returning to Manchester. 

2. My Submission Deadline falls on a date when the University is closed (e.g. Christmas break, Bank Holidays, weekend).  What should I do?

You should still submit your electronic copy of the thesis to eScholar by your deadline. You will be permitted to bring your printed thesis copies to the office on the next working day.

3. I am studying on a full-time basis.  Can I be in full-time employment at the same time?

The University regulations do not allow full-time students to be in full-time employment: PhD Ordinances and Regulations

            "4. Except insofar as relaxation is granted in accordance with the Regulations: 

a. for full-time study the degree shall be continuous, extending over such period as may be prescribed by the Regulations; and students will be required to devote their whole time to the degree and to attend in the University at all appropriate times;”

Note, under the Regulations ‘relaxation’ is only granted on the grounds of interruptions, and so full time employment falls outside of the relaxation exemption and is, therefore, not permitted under the above clause. Students who undertake full-time employment whilst on a full time programme may be asked to change mode of study, interrupt their studies, or in extreme cases withdraw from their current programme. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their supervisors informed of their employment status (Supervision Policy for Postgraduate Research Degrees, 4.3.d and 4.3.o).”


4. Following my Annual Review (e.g. Year 3 full-time PhD / Year  1 full-time MPhil / Year 6 part-time PhD / Year 2 part-time MPhil), I have been granted permission for an Extension to Programme.  Will I still need to undergo Mid Year / Annual Reviews during this time?


Students with an Extension to Programme must have progress reviews during this period if the extension is for 6 months or more.  For example, if a student has a 6-month extension to programme, they should complete 1 progress review during the extension period.




5. After I submit my thesis, how long will I have access to my IT account for?

Students have access to IT facilities including email and personal storage space during the prescribed period of their programme, the submission pending period and the time leading up to and including their PhD examination. Access to these facilities is terminated on the date of graduation. We therefore advise students to ensure all data and files they wish to retain beyond the date of their graduation is safely transferred ahead of that date to prevent loss of work.


6. I haven't received payment of my stipend (maintenance allowance) or expenses claim yet.  What should I do?

You should first check that you have entered your UK Bank Account Details into MyManchester.  To do this, log in to MyManchester and follow these instructions:

1.       Go to My Manchester

2.       Enter your central username and password (e.g mfbxiskv) which you were given when you signed up for your IT account.

3.       Click on ‘My Services’ and then select ‘Student System’

4.       Click on the link for the ‘Student System’

5.       Click ‘Campus Finances’ and then ‘View Financial Aid’

6.       Select the option to enter you bank details (green button)


If you cannot see a Green Button, you will have already entered your bank details.  If you need to change these or check that they are correct, you must visit the Student Services Centre.  Unfortunately the Doctoral Programmes team cannot amend your Bank Account Details.

If your Bank Details have been entered correctly, there will be another reason why you have not received payment.  Please contact your Doctoral Programmes Administrator so the delay can be investigated.

7. When I complete my programme, when will I receive my degree certificate?

Your degree certificate will be made available at the next Graduation ceremony as the Graduation Team produce certificates in batches.  However, if you require your certificate earlier, you can place an order online.


8. I would like to take some time off for a holiday.  How much time can I take and will I need special permission?

Section 6 of the University policy on "Circumstances Leading to Changes to Postgraduate Research Study" (June 2012) includes a provision for Holiday Leave Entitlement.  Students are permitted to take up to 8 weeks' holiday per year (pro rata).  Although formal Special Permission is not required, you should discuss your plans for taking holiday time with your supervisory team and in light of any official sponsor agreement that exists.

9. My Student ID card has an expired end date.  What should I do?

Your ID card will expire for a number of reasons - i.e. if you have reached the end of the prescribed period of your programme, you have had an interruption to or an extension to your studies, and after your submission deadline  is passed.  You will be able to obtain an updated card from the Student Services Centre as per this guidance.

10. I am a DBA student and do not have a UK Bank Account.  I would like to pay my tuition fee by Instalment.  How do I do this?

In Step 10 of the registration process, you will be asked to pay your tuition fee.  Your first instalment should be paid by credit/debit card.  To cover the 2nd & 3rd instalments, you must complete the Instalment Agreement form and email it to: (and cc  If you have queries, please call Credit Control on +44 (0)161 275 8130.

All other queries

If you cannot find the answer to your query on the Handbook or on this FAQs page, please contact your administrator.