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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Science, Technology & Innovation Policy programme

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Research Training Programme (RTP)

During the first year as a Doctoral student on the Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Programme (STIP) at Alliance Manchester Business School, you are required to complete advanced supervised research and structured training in research methods and skills.  Please refer to the Overview of the programme below. 

Overview of STIP Programme

To enrol onto the Research Training Units, please complete the Course Unit Selection Form (STIP only) and return to the Doctoral Programmes Office ( by 27th September 2018.  

The full RTP Timetable can be found here:      STIP RTP Timetable 2018 / 19 

The full RTP Assessment deadlines will be published at a later date but should be available on BlackBoard once you have enrolled:

Core Course - click on Catalogue Number to obtain course unit outline


Catalogue Number


1. Research Process (Compulsory)

BMAN 80921


2. Research Process 2: Science, Technology & Innovation Studies(Compulsory)

BMAN 80382


3. Advanced Methods in Science, Technology & Innovation Policy(Compulsory)

BMAN 80902


4. Advanced Topics in Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Analysis(Compulsory)

BMAN 80810


PLUS : Choose either

Qualitative Research Method in Practice BMAN80942


Quantitative Research Methods BMAN80601

below to make 5 Compulsory Core units


5. Quantitative Research Methods

BMAN 80601

6. Qualitative Research Methods in Practice

BMAN 80942

Elective Units

Catalogue Number

1. Critical Perspectives on International Business

BMAN 80422

2. Epistemology

BMAN 80031

Additional Electives

Elective Course Unit

Catalogue Number

1. Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis with NViVO

BMAN 97322

2. Bibliometrics, Altmetrics and the Measurement of Science and its Institutions

BMAN 80242

3. Case Study Research

BMAN 80020

4. Comparative Case Study Analysis

BMAN 80062

5. Multilevel Modelling in MPlus


6. Introduction to Qualitative Analysis with NViVO

BMAN 80542

7. Mixed Methods

BMAN 80352

8. Meta-analysis

BMAN 80602

9. Social Network Analysis

BMAN 80102

10. Structural Equation Modelling

BMAN 80502

11. Longitudinal Data Analysis

BMAN 80802

12. Diary Studies in Organisational Research

BMAN 80552

13. Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Set

BMAN 80923

Year 2 Students

Research Policy in Science, Technology & Innovation Policy