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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Business & Management Pathway

PLEASE NOTE the information contained on these pages refers to 2017/18 academic year.  The Research and Training Programme is currently being updated and course outlines, RTP requirements and and the new timetable will be published shortly.

If you have any queries in this regard, please contact the AMBS RTP Administrator at 

Students together with their supervisors should design a Research Training Programme according to the needs of their thesis and publication plans.  The only compulsory element of this training is that students must take Research Process and at least two of the other core courses, although they make take more.  In addition to this, students will probably need to take further elective courses.  These courses may be spread throughout the three years of the programme.  However, the three core courses should be completed by the end of Year 1.  Notwithstanding these stipulations, the student and their supervisor may develop any programme of research training they deem appropriate, but this will require the approval of the Director of the Research Training Programme if it does not include the core courses.

Compulsory Courses for MSM division:

Research Process

Qualitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods

Compulsory Courses for PMO and IMP divisions:

Research Process

And two from:

Qualitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods

Critical Perspectives on International Business

Science, Technology and Innovation Studies


Critical Research Methods

The Craft of Fieldwork: Method, Text and Writing

Qualitative Research Methods in Practice

Optionally, supervisors from IMP may specify Epistemology as compulsory.


Any number from:

1. Action Research (not running in 2017/18)

2. Advanced Survey Design

3. Bibliometrics, Altmetrics and the Measurement of Science and its Institutions 

4. Case Study Research

5. Comparative Case Study Analysis

6. Critical Thinking for Scientific Research

7. Elite Interviewing with Senior Managers (cancelled - not running 2017/18)

8. Introduction to Qualitative Analysis with NViVO

9. Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo

10. Meta-analysis

11. Diary Studies in Organisational Research

12. Mixed Methods

13. Multi-level Modelling

14. Social Network Analysis

15. Structural Equation Modelling

16. Longitudinal Data Analysis

17. Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Set

18. Problem Solving Design and Evaluation  (not running in 2017/18)

19. Reviewing and Evaluating Manuscripts  (not running in 2017/18)

20. Social Shaping of Technology  (not running in 2017/18)

21. Scenario Methods in Research  (not running in 2017/18)

22. Actor Network Theory (not running in 2017/18)

Note: * These units will not run this year but may be taken by the current intake next year.



Students and supervisors have the option to develop a bespoke programme of research training to be approved by the RTP director.

The pass mark for assignments on the Business & Management RTP is 60%.  However, where a grade below 60% is achieved, the Annual Review panel may request further work be done. Where students fail an assignment, a resit must be taken and passed.

Please use the form below to choose what courses you intend to take and return it to the Doctoral Programmes Office by Thursday 28th September 2017.  You must consult your supervisor when making these choices.

MSM - Course Unit Selection Form 

IMP and PMO - Course Unit Selection Form




Assignments should be submitted by 4pm on the assessment deadline electronically via Blackboard. All assignment submissions are routinely run through the Turnitin plagiarism checker.

Students who join the programme late will be expected to meet the same deadlines.

Part-time students will automatically receive a one month extension for assignment submissions.

Extensions of over two weeks need to be approved by the MRes & RTP Director but please contact your Divisional Administrator in the first instance.

Course Unit Enrolments:

Students are not permitted to opt in and out of courses after attending the course.

Students MUST NOT attend workshops on which they haven’t enrolled.

Once enrolled, the Blackboard space for that particular course will become available.

Missing a class:

If you are ill and cannot attend a course, please inform your Doctoral Programmes Administrator as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

For Any RTP related queries

For any queries on the Research Training Programme; please contact Sandra Bundy-Palmer in the Doctoral Programme office at