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Student Representation

Student Representation

PGR students within Alliance MBS elect student representatives each year to ensure that the concerns of the student body are heard.  All students will be sent details via email of the arrangements for nominating and voting for the representatives.  This representation benefits both staff and students, the representatives will benefit through enhanced transferable skills; the wider student body will benefit through having input to the development of the programmes; and the School will benefit by having a student body with a sense of ownership of their own education.

One student representative will be elected to chair the student committee and will represent the student body at the School Postgraduate Research Committee and any other relevant bodies at School or Faculty level, dates and details of these meetings will be posted here throughout year along with email communication from the Doctoral Programmes Office.

The role of the student representative is to:

  • Liaise between students and staff on matters of concern
  • Provide two way feedback on the quality of course units, programmes and teaching
  • Promote active student involvement in the development of programmes

The University policy on student representation for Postgraduate Research Students outlines roles, responsibilities and job description.

The AMBS Student Representatives for 2018-19 are:

Accounting & Finance

Year 1

Yiyuan Sun

Year 2

Francisco Pinto Avalos

Year 3

Nestor Navarro Romero 

Management Sciences & Marketing

Year 1

Diane Halliwell       

Year 2

Yelnur Shildibekov  

Year 3

Orbay Unsoy 

People, Management & Organisation

Year 1

Brian Vera

Year 2

Michail Michailow  

Year 3

Sajia Ferdous

Innovation, Management & Policy

Year 1

Sampriti Mahanty

Year 2

Oishee Kundu

Year 3

Paul Sterzenbach

Submission Pending (all Divisions)

Fatima Almaghrabi 

If you would like to volunteer for one of the current vacant posts, please contact Paul Greenham as soon as possible.

Reps in the Faculty of Humanities

For details of student representatives across the Faculty, please visit: 

Student Feedback

We are constantly trying to improve and enhance the systems and programmes we operate, and students are welcome to provide feedback.  This can be in many forms.

Students are able to:

  • Raise issues with their student representatives to be brought to meetings with the Doctoral Programme Manager
  • Bring issues up with the Administrative contact for your division in the Doctoral Programmes Office
  • Speak directly to the Doctoral Programmes Manager with any issues
  • Complete online surveys throughout the year sent from the Doctoral Programmes Office

All feedback is evaluated thoroughly and appropriate action will be taken in necessary, this would then be disseminated here and via email communication.

Notes from Student Rep Meetings


Notes from Student Rep Meeting 10.10.17

Notes from Student Rep Meeting 31.01.18

Notes from Student Rep Meeting 19.06.18


Notes from Student Rep Meeting 19.04.17

Notes from Student Rep Meeting 25.01.17

Notes from Student Rep Meeting 28.10.16