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Postgraduate Research Handbook

School PGR Committee

School PGR Committee

The Postgraduate Research Committee manages the Postgraduate Research Programmes in Alliance MBS. 


This committee is chaired by the Director of Postgraduate Research, Professor Stuart Hyde, who is responsible for the overall academic and strategic direction of the programme.

Other members of the Committee are:

Dr. Nooch Kuasirikun (Director of the MRes Programme and RTP Programme)

Dr. Matthew Allen (Director of the DBA Programme)

Helen McManamon (Manager of Doctoral Programmes)

Prof. Edward Lee & Dr. Maria Marchica (Accounting & Finance)

Dr. John Rigby (Innovation Management and Policy)

Dr. Kathy Keeling (Management Sciences and Marketing)

Dr. Anne McBride (People, Management and Organisations)

Lynne Barlow-Cheetham (Secretary to the Committee)

In addition, one of the following Divisional Managers attends:

Margaret Nelson (Accounting & Finance)

Helen Dean (Innovation Management and Policy)

Debbie Toth (Management Sciences and Marketing)

Lindsay Endell (People, Management and Organisations)

Student Representative from the PGR Student Body, who is elected every year.


The Committee meets at regular intervals throughout the academic year, where it discusses and makes decisions on key issues affecting the Programme and its students and reports on University, Faculty and School-level news (such as changes to policy and processes). 

The Committee is also responsible for considering and granting approval for applications of changes to a student’s programme (e.g. change of supervisor, research title, mode of attendance, interruption, extension, fieldwork). Normally such applications are considered by the Chair of the Committee.  However, where serious cases arise, these are brought to the full Committee for consideration.

Schedule of Meetings 2017-18




Weds 18 October 2017

12pm - 2pm

Room 1.4 AMBS Precinct Centre

Weds 7 February 2018

12pm - 2pm

Room E20 AMBS East

Weds 9 May 2018

12pm - 2pm

Room E20 AMBS East

Wed 27 June 2018

10am - 12pm

Room E20 AMBS East


Minutes of meetings are available on the AMBS Intranet: Committee Governance and Management