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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Making a Complaint

Making a Complaint

Informal Stage

We hope that you are normally happy with your programme and time at AMBS, but sometimes we understand that things do not go as planned.

In these circumstances you are invited to discuss your concerns with the Associate Head for PGR  in your Division and/or your Programme Director.  Any academic issues should be directed to your supervisory team.

Should you be unhappy with the outcome you are entitled to formalise your complaint.

Formal Stage

University General Regulation XVIII sets out a procedure for handling complaints by students. This can be found here.

A complaint is defined as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction which merits a response’ and covers complaints about the provision of programmes or parts of programmes, services or facilities by the University, or the actions or lack of actions by University staff.

The Student Complaints Procedure does not cover matters relating to assessment and progression, nor complaints involving allegations of misconduct or harassment, as these are covered by separate procedures. The Procedure allows for the complaint to be handled informally at School level (see above). However, if that approach is unsuccessful, formal procedures can be invoked by completing a Complaints Form.

Any enquiries about issues relating to student complaints in the Faculty of Humanities should be referred to the Faculty Appeals, Complaints and Malpractice Officer (

Students who are considering making an appeal or a complaint may get advice on how to proceed from the AMBS Doctoral Programmes Office, AMBS PGR Programme Director, University Student’s Union or University Student Support Centre.  To make an appeal or complaint, you should complete the appropriate form and provide the required evidence. Forms and written guidance are available here.