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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Other Resources

Other Resources

Stationery Supplies

Personalised business cards may be ordered through the Doctoral Programmes Office. Students wishing to make use of this service should complete the form here and return it to Paul Greenham in room D15 AMBS East.  We will charge the cost to your Doctoral Research Support Account.

AMBS Branded Stationery and Powerpoint Templates

If you need to use electronic versions of official AMBS stationery or Powerpoint slides, please visit the AMBS Marketing intranet page.

Insurance of Student Possessions

The University does not provide insurance for personal property brought onto its premises. If you bring valuable personal property to the University, you must make your own arrangements for insurance.  However, personal possessions insurance is provided for students' property in University-managed halls of residence as part of the accommodation package in most cases. Please check with your residence to confirm.

If you are not in University Accommodation, please check your contents insurance policy and check if you have cover for Personal Possessions Away from Home. If you do not, please contact your insurer to make appropriate arrangements.

Calls to Mobile Phones & International Numbers

Provided that they are strictly connected to your research, calls to mobile phones and to international numbers may be made from a pre-booked room.  Please make arrangements with the Doctoral Programmes Office with as much notice as possible.

Telephone, Email and Internet Usage Policy

The AMBS policy on Telephone, Email and Internet usage applies to all Doctoral students whether they have either shared access to or sole use of a telephone or personal computer.

These facilities are provided for University business/study.   The use of University telephones or computers for either private or University purposes, which are in any way excessive (i.e. outside the limits defined in the policy), defamatory, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate, will be treated as misconduct under the appropriate disciplinary procedure.