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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Thesis Presentation

Your thesis should be presented in accordance with the Presentation of Theses Policy. Please read this carefully before submitting your thesis.

For further useful information about writing the thesis, please visit: Academic Writing

Any queries regarding the presentation of your thesis should be directed towards your Doctoral Programmes Administrator.

Standard of written English and Proof Reading information

Theses must achieve a universally acceptable standard of writing. Prior to submitting your thesis, you are advised to have it professionally proof-read and corrected. You can find more information about this in the following document:

Guidance on Proofreading Your Thesis.

The final draft of the thesis should be submitted to your supervisor(s) before forwarding to the proof-reader. No allowance will be made for English not being the first language in the examining of the thesis. You are required to pay the proof-reading costs.

If a student chooses to approach another person to proofread their written work or seeks to use the services of a proofreading service or agency, they must take account of the following principles:

i. it is the responsibility of students to ensure that all work submitted is their own, and that it represents their own abilities and understanding. Any proofreading of work that is undertaken by a third party must not compromise the student’s own authorship of the work;

ii. proofreading undertaken by a third party must not take the form of editing of text, such as the adding or rewriting of phrases or passages within a piece of student’s work;

iii. proofreading undertaken by a third party must not change the content or meaning of the work in any way’