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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Results and Award

Details of the possible outcomes of your viva examination can be found in the Examination of Doctoral Degrees Policy which can be found here.

The Doctoral Programmes Office will write to you with the outcome of your viva examination, along with the required next steps.

When you have been recommended for award of the degree, you will be asked to submit a final version of your thesis through eThesis.  Hardbound copies are no longer required.  However, should you wish to get a bound copy for yourself, your supervisors etc, the facility is still available via this link.

Alternatively, there is a Print and Bind Service available for supervisors and students from the eThesis submission pages.  The service is easily accessible via a green button, and payment will be required.  

When you have submitted your clean final thesis into the eThesis window and it has been checked against the Presentation of Theses Policy, your student record will be completed and marked for graduation.


Students have access to IT facilities including email and personal storage space during the prescribed period of their programme, the submission pending period and the time leading up to and including their PhD examination. Access to these facilities is terminated on the date of graduation. We therefore advise students to ensure all data and files they wish to retain beyond the date of their graduation is safely transferred ahead of that date to prevent loss of work.