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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Submission Pending (writing up)

Submission Pending (writing up)

All students who have not already submitted their thesis within the maximum period allowed for their prescribed programme of study will be permitted to apply for permission to register for one further year for the sole purpose of writing up their thesis.  This is known at the University as a period of ‘Submission Pending’.

The Submission Pending application form should be completed and submitted to the Doctoral Programmes Office no later than 6 weeks before your current deadline.  Your application will then be considered by the PGR Director and you will be notified of the decision as soon as possible.

You are required to submit the thesis not later than the end of the 12-month  Submission Pending period.  You may submit at any time in this period, providing six weeks notice is given and should follow the usual thesis submission procedures.

Progress will be monitored via the quarterly SubP Progression milestones in eProg during the Submission Pending period.  Students and supervisors should meet prior to the Submission Pending year to formalise the timetable for thesis writing and to agree on a schedule for supervision during this period.  Students who have not submitted their thesis by the end of the Submission Pending period will have their automatic right to submit withdrawn. 

A fee will be payable for any such submission pending registration that is granted by the University.

For academic year 2018-2019, the fee is £225 and is payable in full prior to the commencement of the Submission Pending period.

During the Submission Pending Period

Students in the Submission Pending Period will not be granted permission to interrupt.  Because the Submission Pending Period is not part of the programme period, effectively there is no programme to interrupt.  

Students with mitigating circumstances in Submission Pending will instead be considered for an Extension.

Council Tax

To continue to qualify for Council Tax exemption for the period of Submission Pending until your viva, you will need to complete the Council Tax Exemption Form here and ask your Doctoral Programmes Administrator to authorise it.  You must then take the completed form to the Student Services Centre, on the basis of which they will generate a certificate confirming your student status for Council Tax exemption.  Please note that the letters will only permit for 3 months at a time and so you may need to repeat this process throughout this stage of your Programme. 

Late Submission of a Thesis

Students who commenced their studies after September 2012 must submit their thesis by the deadline, and by any approved extended deadline.  You may not submit the thesis late and it will not be accepted by the School.

Students who commenced their studies prior to September 2012 may apply exceptionally to submit a thesis late; however, the School reserves the right to reject any request.

Full details of the School’s policy is available below: