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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Mid Year Reviews

The Mid Year Review is an interim review to discuss any issues and to prepare for the Annual Review, and will be held six months into each academic session.

Details of the requirements of the review are contained within the Mid Year Review milestone in eProg. You need to complete this form with your supervisory team by the deadline given in the system.  You will meet with both your supervisors to discuss the comments made and to discuss plans for onward progression to enable timely completion of the thesis.

Please note that the format and organisation of the meeting may vary between Divisions.  In particular, for students in Accounting & Finance, the Mid Year Review will involve a Panel of academics and not just the supervisory team.  In other Divisions, it is more likely that the meeting will only involve the student and their supervisory team.  Your Doctoral Programmes Administrator will provide specific details if special arrangements are to be made for your Mid Year Review.