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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Progression and Review

Progression and Review


It is a requirement of the University that formal mechanisms are in place to ensure that all student’s progress on their programme, with a view to submitting a high quality thesis, within the permitted timeframe.  Academic progression and monitoring for PGR degrees is governed by the University’s Policy on the Progress and Review of PGR students (September 2015) which forms part of the University’s Code of Practice for PGR. The University policy on this can be found here.

Your progress will be monitored via eProg.

Progress reviews are held twice a year and are called Mid Year Review and Annual Review.  You can check the deadlines for the Mid Year reviews in your ‘My Progression’ page in eProg.  The Annual Reviews will be held in month 9 of the year of study in all years. 


Regular monitoring of progress provides an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their performance and to identify and address difficulties as they arise.  You will be asked to prepare for each review and there will be a report written outlining the key outcomes of each review. In particular, you must satisfy the Annual Review Panel that you have made the progress expected by the relevant point in your studies. 

Formal progress review meetings are treated as examinations in as much as, if a meeting is cancelled, it will be rescheduled at the nearest possible date. Further, should you fail to attend, or fail to submit a piece of work that is to be reviewed at that meeting without presenting any mitigating circumstances, then the panel will record this on the student’s file and call for a rescheduled meeting. Where you submit a piece of work that fails at the formal progress review meeting, or do not submit the work requested, this will be recorded on your file as a first submission.

Repeated non-attendance of scheduled formal progress review meetings, failure of a piece of work on second submission or repeated non-submission of review material without the presentation of mitigating circumstances will lead to the case being referred to the School Postgraduate Research Committee for consideration and possible termination of registration.


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Length of programme

The length of your programme has been communicated to you in your offer letter.  The standard lengths of programmes are as follows;


Full Time

Part Time


3 years

6 years


1 year

2 years



5 years

It is expected that you will complete your PhD within the standard length of the programme, i.e. for a full time PhD, within 3 years.  However, the university recognises that it may sometimes not be possible for PGR students to submit their thesis by the programme’s official end date.  You may therefore be eligible to apply to extend the programme’s official end date and/or enter a period of ‘submission pending’ for the sole purpose of writing up the thesis.   Please refer to the Faculty of Humanities Guiding Principles for the Submission Pending Period.