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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Master of Research (MRes)

The MRes programme is designed to meet the research training needs of students who intend to continue their postgraduate studies and complete a PhD, but either do not have any postgraduate experience, or, have postgraduate degrees that are deemed to provide insufficient research training.  We do however accept other students (students who wish to pursue a career as researchers in B&M consultancies, for example) may be interested in completing the MRes.  

It must be noted that if you are 1+3 student you will be required to pass the MRes programme with the required minimum academic marks as set out on the admissions page.

 The programme provides a robust yet flexible research training where all course units – foundation, research methods and subject specific – are delivered by experienced academics and researchers with international reputations in their respective areas of expertise.  Apart from providing an orientation to Doctoral research the MRes programme equips students with a range of generic and subject specific research skills and knowledge. It also develops students personal and career development skills and a number of transferable skills.

Important Dates

Alliance Manchester Business School

MRes 2018 / 19


Deadline Date

From / Description

Send to


26thApril 2019

Appendix 10

Research Ethics Approval

To be completed by student

Signed by supervisor

Approved by PGR Director

*Doctoral Programmes Office

Room Number D15


Booth Street


4th March 2019

Appendix 11

Dissertation Supervisory Arrangement

*Doctoral Programmes Office

Room Number D15


Booth Street

May 2019

Commence writing dissertation



22nd July 2019

Appendix 12

Notice of Intention to Submit a Dissertation

*Doctoral Programmes Office

Room Number D15


Booth Street


2nd September 2019

Thesis Submission

*Doctoral Programmes Office

Room Number D15


Booth Street

*  Please note that the Doctoral Programmes Office will move to the new building during the latter part of 2018 early 2019.  

Click here:  for the full Programme Handbook  -  MRes Programme Handbook 2018-19 .  This handbook will also inform you which course units are relevant to your division.

For the PGR Course Timetable please follow this link  

Elective Units

Catalogue Number


3. Case Study Research

BMAN 80020

4. Comparative Case Study Analysis

BMAN 80062

5. Multilevel Modelling in MPlus

BMAN 80702

6. Introduction to Qualitative Analysis with NViVO

BMAN 80542

7. Mixed Methods

BMAN 80352

8. Meta-analysis

BMAN 80602


10. Structural Equation Modelling

BMAN 80502

11. Longitudinal Data Analysis

BMAN 80802





Catalogue Number

1. Research Process (Compulsory) New code

BMAN 80921

2. Quantitative Research Methods

BMAN 80601

3. Critical Perspectives on International Business

BMAN 80422

4. Research Process 2: Science, Technology & Innovation Studies

BMAN 80382

5. Epistemology

BMAN 80031

6. Qualitative Research Methods in Practice

BMAN 80942

For any queries regarding any of the above course units, please contact Sandra Bundy-Palmer in the Doctoral Programme Office at 

To register onto any of the PGT course units, you will need to contact the Course Unit Administrator within the PGT Department of the Alliance Manchester Business School -Tel: 0161 820 8344.  Please quote to them the course title and course code that you have agreed to with your supervisor.

When selecting your courses please discuss with your supervisors and confirm with the RTP Administrator