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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Forms and Guidance

You will find below all of the forms pertaining to your Postgraduate Research programme.  Unless otherwise stated, you should return these to the Doctoral Programmes Office.


The below forms are used to request changes to your degree programme. Such changes are pursuant to the ordinances and regulations which govern your degree.

Application to Make Changes to a PGR Degree
This form is used to apply for changes to your programme, e.g. an interruption or extension, increase in word limit for thesis etc.

Application to Change Supervisory Arrangements
This form is used to apply to make changes to the composition of your supervisory team.

Application for Fieldwork Approval
This form is used to apply fo approval to undertake fieldwork or research away from the University.

Certification of Student Ill Health (PGR Students)

For details of when to use these forms please see the My Support section.