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Postgraduate Research Handbook

Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Degrees

The Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research degrees constitutes the central reference document for policies, procedures and good practice at the University of Manchester. It defines the minimum requirements for postgraduate research through full-time and part-time modes of study. 

It has been designed to ensure a high quality framework is implemented and maintained consistently across the University. It sets out the responsibilities of the University, Faculties, Schools and supervisors so that students know what they can expect from the University. In return, it details the responsibilities of research students so that students know what the University expects of them. In this way, we aim to enhance the international profile of our postgraduate research, increase completion rates and raise levels of student satisfaction.

All relevant policies are available online via the Code of Practice.

Recording and Monitoring Attendance

The University introduced the Policy on Recording and Monitoring Attendance in June 2014, with the intention of providing:

"clarity in relation to the University’s expectations in monitoring attendance, to ensure that the University proactively monitors student wellbeing, supports academic performance and meets external body reporting requirements, in relation to Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate and Postgraduate Research students...Recording and monitoring student attendance is a University requirement as stated in Regulation XX."

You can view the Policy here

Your supervisors are required to monitor your attendance and engagement with your studies via the forms available in eProg.  This is in addition to any other study-based activities you are involved in, such as the Research Training Programme, AMBS Doctoral Conference, and Mid Year and Annual Reviews. 

In addition, students who hold a Tier 4 Visa are required to attend the International Student Census at regular intervals (normally quarterly) throughout their studies.  You can view your Responsibilities as a Holder of a Tier 4 Visa here.