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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Online Health and Safety Course

It is a mandatory requirement of the University that all new Postgraduate Research students receive health and safety induction information during their first year of study.  The School will enrol you onto one or more of the University's online health and safety courses.  When enrolment is confirmed, an email containing information about the course (including how to access the material) will be sent to your University student email account.  You must have completed registration and received a University email account to receive this email.  You can check which courses you have been enrolled onto in your "My Progression" page in eProg.  These courses are delivered through Blackboard, the University's virtual learning environment.  The Student Guide for Blackboard is a useful resource for you.

To access Blackboard:

1. Log in to My Manchester (click on or type the address into a web browser.  You will need your University username and password.

2. In MyManchester, click on the My Blackboard tab.  You will see a screen with a list of Courses and Communities (sometimes called Organisations) to which you have access. To enter the course, click on its title in the Course List.

You will be enrolled onto the following courses:

PGR-IND001, is the mandatory Module for all students and is in three parts:

Part 1 – University expectations: a very short introduction to the University, how we aim to provide a healthy and safe working environment and some basic expectations of students.

Part 2 – Your safety: another short section containing action students can take to keep them and the work environment safe, and

Part 3 – Principles of risk assessment: Ensuring the health and safety of people in the university is based on assessing the risk of harm associated with all the activities undertaken and identifying the appropriate action needed to prevent or reduce that harm occurring. This part of the course guides students through the principles so they can be applied them to their particular research. 

PGR-IND005 Off-campus work (including fieldwork)

This module is designed to help in the planning and organisation of off campus activities including fieldwork. It covers the definition of fieldwork, the university guidance, roles and responsibilities. It also provides information on how to manage the risks and some useful resources.

When you have completed the course(s) and achieved the required 70% pass mark, this will be shown in the "My Training and Development" and "My Progression" page in eProg.  Please note that there may be a delay of up to a fortnight before completion of the course registers on eProg.  Please note that you will not be contacted if you fail the course.  You can check your marks in the 'My Grades' page within each unit.

Further information about these courses can be found on the following website:  

Postgraduate Research Students Safety Services

Help and Support 

There is information about these units on page 7 of the eProg Student Guide, available on the Faculty of Humanities eProg Guidance page.